Slash (/) commands for Keo.


Deliver your messages when they are most relevant at the right time.

/keo schedule today in 2 hours What's the status on the project?
/keo deliver tomorrow at 9 am I have an idea that you'll love, come by my desk.
/keo deliver in 2 weeks at 3 pm I come from the past!.

/keo schedule today in two hoursdeliver tomorrow at 9 amschedule on june 15 at 12 pm Hello world!


You assign and we will be reminding them about their pending tasks.

/keo assign check the new design
/keo delegate finish the blog post
/keo  what are my pending tasks
/keo who owes me tasks

/keo assign Chuckdelegate finish the design


Get better feedback from your team asking questions and following the results.

/keo ask do you like convergely?
/keo what are the results on the last poll

/keo askpoll do you like convergely?


Set automatic responses for when you are going to be away.

/keo I'll be away for 2 weeks respond I'm on vacation
/keo I'll be away for 3 days respond Contact Chuck for support

/keo I'll be away for 2 weeksone month respond I'm on vacation


Take you to this page.

/keo help

/keo helpcommandssos

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