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keo our virtual assistant, will help you be more productive with your favorite chat app.

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Schedule Messages

Schedule messages for unique or recurring future deliveries, send reminders, and overall improve the communication flow within your team. You no longer have to be connected 24/7 or risk forgetting to send important messages. Schedule your first messageView Demo

Schedule Messages
Create Polls

Create Polls

Quickly make decisions with real-time data from your team. Using Convergely, you can poll a chat room or channel and get valuable insight from your team members within seconds. Poll a chat room or channelView Demo

Assign Tasks

Assign and share tasks with your team members to keep them focused on the most important deliverables. With Convergely, you are able to manage the workflow and priorities right within your chat room. Assign a task to your teammatesView Demo

Assign Tasks
Annotate Images

Annotate Images

Give better, faster feedback to your teammates and increase your team’s productivity through annotated images. Use fewer words to express more. Focus on ideas worth sharing. Annotate your first imageView Demo

Tired of spending a lot of time toggling between different communication apps?

Convergely is the best way to save time and organize your team communication flow efficiently.

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Without Leaving The App

Thanks to HipChat Connect and Slash commands (/keo for Slack), Convergely is fully functional right within the app.

Great Support Team

Our support team, mostly developers, are active Slack and HipChat users. They are available 24/7 to help you take full advantage of Convergely.

Continuous R&D

We are regularly adding new features based on your needs. Send us your ideas and we’ll make it happen!

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Here at Convergely, we create awesome enhancements for Slack and HipChat. Are you interested in the applications above or do you have other ideas you'd like to see integrated with Slack or HipChat? Reach out to us and let us know at